Many companies backup their core Business Data and many don’t. But not all backup methods were created equal. And the truth is you’re either backing up your data properly or you’re not.

In short you should be achieving the following in your Business Data Backup Systems

Previous Versions

This is perhaps the most important point to consider when performing critical backups of your data, many of the recent threats such as Ransomware attacks on peoples data involves the practice of locking or encrypting company data, if the backup runs and you’ve got the locked data on your backup then your backup practices become pretty redundant. Google Drive and Dropbox suffer from this problem. (Google Drive and Dropbox while amazing ARE NOT A BACKUP)

Deleted files

Sometime files are moved or lost or even worse deleted, implementing a delete files solution into your backup strategy saves a lot of headache. We keep deleted files for 30 days before removing from our servers (longer if you wish) this way you don’t need to worry about getting a bit click happy when cleaning up workstations.

VSS Backup

We use VSS backup so if a file is open it can still be backed up, many companies have files that are open most of the time, this can interfere with keeping recent versions of certain files in the backup data. We use VSS to ensure that all files are regularly backed up.

Automated backup and email reports

The best thing about our data backup solutions? It’s automatic and you get an email report to inform you of it’s successes and failures. Complete peace of mind for you, your team and your business.