Aurora Tech Support Digital Enterprise Growth Vouchers in the Leeds City Region

Digital Enterprise – Business Support Growth Vouchers in the Leeds City Region

Leeds City Council have launched a new business support programme that will help over 1,000 eligible small and medium sized businesses (based in the Leeds city region – West Yorkshire + Harrogate, York, Selby and Craven) to develop their digital capacity and thereby helping them increase their overall performance (competitiveness, productivity and profitability).

One of the key aims of the programme is to help local businesses to make better use of digital technology, including faster digital connectivity, enhanced digital marketing, acquisition of a new CRM, networking and cloud based digital solutions to help them work smarter, more flexibly and efficiently.

The programme will offer grant funding to eligible businesses which are looking at investing in digital technology, to improve their business performance and achieve growth.

Grants – known as ‘Digital Growth Vouchers’ will range from £1,100 to a maximum of £9,999 and will represent 40% of the investment, with the business contributing the remaining (60%) – refunded to a businesses, following their investment.

The aim of the programme is to promote growth and increase employment in the Leeds City Region, with that in mind all projects Aurora Tech Support carry out in support of the Digital Enterprise programme will include a monthly or quarterly review to ensure the growth and employment targets are being met.

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IT Support, Telecoms and CRM Procurement with the help of Digital Enterprise Business Support Growth Vouchers
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