We hear all too often that Prospects are not happy with their current IT Supplier but are locked into a contract or are hesitant about moving as the current supplier “understands their systems”.

It’s a real bind for Businesses and we feel your pain, that is why we offer a few Free (No Obligation) SLA Trials per month to run along side your current supplier so you can decide the best course of action moving forward for the health of your business.

It really is win – win

We’re problem solvers and we see no reason that shouldn’t extend beyond our bread and butter of IT Support but in to taking away any headaches in your business we can help with.

As mentioned above we only offer a few a month so get in touch now, or we can put you on the waiting list. We tend to offer 1 first come first serve place each month and 2 to the waiting list, though it does vary depending on current demand.

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