I hear two things constantly, how much technology has changed the Business landscape in the last 10 years and people “wondering” what it’s going to be like in the future.

Getting to the point, a lot of people will not be doing what they currently do, the internet and Software as a service will disrupt the vast majority of company positions (including Senior if you thought you’re safe) and we are all going to need to adapt to survive.

Make no mistake this is the biggest shake up to the way business is conducted since the introduction of railways and the industrial revolution, the technological revolution has been chugging away for a while now but this is the crescendo, there are so many factors at play if you look at what used to happen in the “Business process” and we will over time cover all in our Blog but for now lets just speak in general terms.

A lot of what people looked to businesses for people don’t need or think they need, they come into contact with our businesses so much later in the cycle, studies suggest 53% into the buying process. So where people used to grab the Yellow Pages and start ringing round now they get on Google collect some information and once they feel confident they know what they need they call you and try and get a great price.

Rightly or wrongly we are all guilty and forgetting we don’t know what we don’t know.

The problem here is short term we’ll feel we got what we need at a great price, long term we’re going to suffer and not get results, anyway I digress.

In short we as Business owners or Business members need to change our thinking and our tactics, we no longer need to educate people as it’s going to be rejected, we are of the opinion we can educate ourselves through Google. We need to solve problems that can’t be solved with self education by asking great questions.

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