Ah GDPR. Makes you want to go back to paper and pen, while a lot is being made of the impending Doom of GDPR being enforced from May 2018 onwards we might be freaking out a little.

Or we may not only time will tell.

Yesterday morning while meeting with my good friends and business associates at a weekly Business Breakfast I take part in we got to discussing GDPR, it’s impact on businesses in terms of how they hold their data, likelihood of penalties for SMEs and the impact to marketing activities. To skip to the end ; I decided to read up a little more on GDPR and how we could help companies make sure the data they hold is complaint with the rules.

It was clear there was a lot of uncertainty in the room regarding the changes and unease at how people would ensure they don’t fall foul. In short the guidance covers

  1. holding data in a secure and lawful way.
  2. acquiring and processing that data in a lawful way.

So in terms of how we (Aurora Tech Support) can help your business, we can make sure in our capacity as I.T. Support and Solutions provider that you and your business secure the data you hold and store within the law and the guidelines of GDPR.

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