As you might expect my day is spent speaking with people about I.T. Support, this morning I had the pleasure of a meeting with a very influential Leeds business man I’ve been very lucky to know about 15 years now. In that meeting we were speaking very candidly and we got to discussing how we stack up against our competitors and he mentioned to me that “I.T. support is boring”

This hit home to me, because from this side of the fence I know that while talk of gigabytes and motherboards is dry, what I.T. creates and allows Businesses to produce is far from boring, in fact it’s the stuff Hollywood blockbusters are made of.

I’ve heard it mentioned countless times that you need to “Sell the sizzle not the steak” and I don’t think I’ve really understood that properly until now. I’ve always tried to show our customers what they can produce with the right I.T. but I think I’m guilty of assuming a little more than I should about their knowledge of where the future is taking us and how to use their systems effectively.

I also meet with far too many companies that tell me their current supplier “Is alright”, this just will not do. And as the next few years come round believe me this will not do.

So with that in mind, please give me an hour of your time, at your offices and I will make sure you don’t regret it and I will give you at least 15 hours back (at least) either through cost savings, time savings or hard graft.