Work in progress

Our guys spend a lot of time in Harrogate and Leeds and sometimes we need to meet a client somewhere or get on WiFi to do a remote assistance job for a client that’s just cropped up.

So we thought it’d be a good idea to let you know should you be in a similar position the best and not the best places to hold your meeting or get a hot coffee while you go online to deliver for your clients.

A few ground rules

We’re not looking to damage any-ones business, we all need to make a living and so any ratings that fall below a 3 will not be ranked, we’ll just put n/a or something.

It’s unlikely anyone will get a 5 as that would be “no room for improvement” and the rankings will be based on the price point of each establishment, if you’re paying 95 pence for a coffee and free wifi then that will be reflected in the rankings.

Everyman Harrogate

Everyman is an amazing film Noir esque bar and cafe with about 5 cinema screens too, it’s a great place to hold a meeting, it has great background music that’s not too loud to talk but loud enough to sit and listen should you be alone on your laptop.

The WiFi however is terrible, and I’m pretty sure this is a deliberate decision because Everyman Leeds is just as bad.

Service: 4
Price: 3.7
Decor: 4.5
WiFi: n/a

West Park Harrogate

West Park Harrogate while a little out of the centre is a great location especially if you’re looking for something to eat, the menu is very good if you have a client or prospect you want to impress.

Service: 4.4
Price: 3.5
Decor: 4.5
WiFi: 4.3 (according to 44Mbps)