We talk to about 4-5 companies a week about taking over their I.T. Support and offering exactly what they need for their systems and staff to perform efficiently.

And more often than not we hear that the main problem companies are experiencing from their current I.T. support solution is the response is slow and inefficient. This is a major bottleneck to your company offering the level of service your clients and prospects expect from you, and will be costing you huge.

Your businesses success is reliant on your systems working and your staff being able to deliver, when your systems aren’t working efficiently you’re not working efficiently.

Over the years we’ve built into our services solutions that go far beyond a typical I.T. provider, we’ve tweaked and sculpted the way we work with our clients to make sure that they get the best from their systems and continue to deliver for their customers.

As your I.T. partner, we’re constantly evaluating the way your network performs, we’re constantly looking to make improvements and looking for smarter ways of reaching your goals. We achieve that through a variety of methods but to give you a guide a few are highlighted below.

We provide for our customers

• Daily email report of Backup success or failure
• Monthly network performance reports and where improvements can be made
• Monthly hardware performance reports and upcoming license expiration
• Email alerts of Viruses, malware, ransomware and infections blocked or treated
• Monthly client review to discuss challenges and ways to overcome

By working with you to make sure that all systems are on track and your goals are being met we can make sure that not only are incident occurrence is massively reduced but less costly to rectify when they do happen. Win win.

Please give book a phone chat if you’d like to discuss the I.T. support in your Business