The largest Taxi Company in the World don’t own any vehicles and the largest Hotelier in the World doesn’t own any Hotels.

If that fact doesn’t prick your ears up then I sincerely don’t think anything will.

IT is disrupting pretty much every industry and it’s only going to get worse, you might be forgiven for thinking you better get an App for your company quick but in all honesty that’s most likely a waste of money for two reasons.

  1. You shouldn’t ever do anything that requires significant investment “quick”
  2. A business App won’t work for most people

The true trend here is about convenience, if you can provide what you do through an app then great, but your company and it’s products are probably about nuance and that is pretty hard to convey via an App. The real importance here is to align yourself with an IT Support company that works with you to deliver results and understands your needs (We both know who that is).

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