Microsoft 365 breaches are becoming more and more of an issue for businesses, we’re not one’s to sensationalise in an attempt to maximise the services we provide to our clients, but breaches from bad actors are becoming more of an issue and increasing at a quite frankly alarming rate.

Hackers and bad actors after gaining entry to your Microsoft 365 accounts will usually take care to hide their residence and thus an attacker can be inside your environment for an average of 99 days before they are detected.

As standard, the default security, auditing, alert, and reporting settings in your Microsoft 365 Tennant are not going to prevent or even alert your business to a breach.

For this reason, we set up rules within the Tennant to not only alert you and your users of anything fishy, but also alert us and our engineers so we can take action. As well as setting up rules to prevent many methods bad actors use to extort yourself and your clients, by blocking certain activities.

We monitor your Microsoft 365 environment and work through weekly reports to ensure that no-ones in your Tennant that shouldn’t be, doing anything they shouldn’t be doing.

The benefits to having your Microsoft 365 environment monitored in and protected in such a way are not falling victim to Phishing attacks and spoof invoices to your clients for payment or even to your team requesting payment. These attacks are on the increase and as such hackers and bad actors now view these tactics as a viable way to make thousands from compromised Microsoft 365 accounts.

It really is becoming of paramount importance to protect your organisations emails, so if you’re not using Exchange / Microsoft 365 for your company emails it’s time to consider it, for £3.80 per month* per email address it’s an ideal way to protect your business from modern threats, or £9.40 per month* with Office apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc.

If you’d like to have a chat about switching to Micorosft 365 or setting up auditing and protection from Aurora Tech Support on your account give us a call on 01937 586888

*June 2020 pricing