“Websites now should be a Manual for your customers and prospects” – Darren Northfield

We don’t offer SEO any more, when we started out 14 years ago we were predominately a Digital Solutions provider and one of the first companies offering SEO. And we got really good results, I’ll be honest, not many people were doing it so if we hadn’t it would have been worrying.

The reason we don’t offer SEO as part of our Services Stack any more is largely because we don’t offer Digital products such as websites as our Core Offering anymore, but things have changed and SEO is a small cog in a much bigger machine. Where it used to be the wheels, it’s now probably more like a fuse for the ignition.

Enough weird analogy’s, the point I was trying to make is where it was arguably the single most important activity for driving qualified and relevant traffic to your website it’s now been left behind, and while you should still perform SEO on your website, SEO in itself will not produce great results.

SEO should form a part of your Website strategy, along with things like long tail keywords, Pillar content, Hub content, Calls to Action and quality landing pages.

The lines have been blurred over the past 10 years, graphic designers have become Digital Agencies offering (as well as Graphic Design) SEO, Twitter strategy’s, and web design.

Web designers have become Digital Agencies offering (as well as Web Design) SEO, Twitter strategy’s, and graphic design.

And IT Engineers ;) and Social Marketers and you get the point. Everyone and their Dog is jumping on the band wagon.

Do you feel further forward after the last 264 words? No probably not, but that’s fine.

Because you probably need to forget what you already know and start again developing your strategy for developing results from your website.

I couldn’t possibly tell you what you need to do to get results because it’ll be dependent on your products or services but these are the areas you should have a defined strategy in.

  • Website Performance (referred to as Responsiveness by Professionals)
    This is how your website loads and performs on different screen sizes
  • Landing Pages
    These in a nutshell are the pages that people land on via Google or other Internet links, and should not ALL be aimed at the decision making stage of a Prospects browsing of your website. 99% of Business landing pages are aimed at getting people to buy, Prospects as you know are not always at this stage and may just be fact finding (among other stages)
  • Calls To Action
    People like things to be simple, human beings are wired to look for Easy options (Lose weight now, Accelerate your sales) etc etc. Calls to action are the weight loss of the Corporate Website World.
  • SEO and Long Tail Keywords
    SEO and Long Tail Keywords are the Bullet Points of making your website Efficient and Lean, Bloated websites switch people off, this is the Digital equivalent of getting fit, health and Ripped.

Hopefully now you’ve got a fairly decent idea of where you could make improvements to your company website, where websites once upon a time were interactive business cards now they should be a Manual for your customers and prospects, if you’d like to discuss any of the above or know good people to speak to regarding getting your website performing give us a call

01937 586888

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