The Digital world we live in is a beautiful thing, content delivered instantly straight to our hands, websites a far far cry from how they looked in the early days of the internet.

Apple website 1996

We have so much at our finger tips now and it’s so easy to get our brand in front of Thousands of people, for free. And there in lies the problem.

There’s so much out there, the internet is littered with ads, blog posts (irony), musings etc etc. Everyone wants to send some Tweets and add a few keywords to their website and get flooded with enquiries. And even worse there’s a flood of new age Social Selling “Gurus” telling you to ditch traditional methods, get rid of the phone and spend your days on Social Media, “Cold Calling is dead” etc etc.

You plough 80% of your efforts into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, Website Call To Actions etc but it’s not working.

You must be doing it wrong, everyone else is doing it and getting results and on balance, you’re doing it better than most of them, what is it? Your industry must be different, that’s just the way it is right?


As much as we’d like to spend a bit of time in the comfort of our laptop sending messages (I’m in a Cafe enjoying a Diet Coke right now, living the dream right?) it doesn’t work like that I’m afraid.

There’s no substitute for hard work and unfortunately we’re busy aren’t we, and the owners of the News Feed you’re flooding are busy too, so even if they need what you’re selling they skim past and think yeah I’ll come back to that.

Now don’t get me wrong an online presence is extremely important, but we’re doing it wrong. Having a great website and easy contact points gets you in the game but to win you’ve got to apply good old fashioned elbow grease, as the great Dale Carnegie says.

“Go out and get busy” you can set out the best stall in your sector but if you want more than a few sales you got to work it. You’d think actors like Kevin Spacey would just get offered roles seeing as he’s a Top actor on anyone’s list but he has an agent (I recon ;) I haven’t fact checked).

If you’re ready to take your business into the stratosphere there’s some great Calls to Action here to speak with us we’ve been working with some of the UKs most IT dependent organisations for over 14 years not just on immediate IT problems but where they will want their systems and digital communication to be in the near future, we believe in building relationships as what benefits our customers benefits us. We’d love to have you on board.


Thanks for your time, Darren