“Technology is a great business enabler, but it cannot fix a broken business process!” David Hubbard

We wrote a Blog post last week called “Narrowing the gap between your IT systems and your workforce“, go visit it’s tremendous.

In which we spoke about the importance of integrating great IT systems with a great workforce, so important.

There’s a simple fact in life.

“If you cut corners you cut results – Me”

Now, I’m not advocating that you spend a huge amount of your cash on staff and systems, in fact some of the best IT systems are not far off being the cheapest, companies with the most popular subscription solutions, produce huge volumes of subscribers and so they price their product competitively.

Making it about us for a second we were paying £200 PCM for a products that told us who was visiting our website, we are now paying £50 but with it get many many other solutions such as Live Website Chat and Automated Email sequences,  Document and Email templates. I’m digressing a little but I wanted to illustrate the point.

Setting out your stall is imperative to building a successful business, we’ve said it before. The systems and procedures in your organisation define you.

You are judged all day and every day on what you deliver through in person meetings, emails, telephone and website. In fact these days we are judged before we’ve even discussed our services with a prospect, if they don’t like the website they’re off.

The internet has brought choice and transparency (or what looks like transparency) if you’re not playing the game you’re losing, if your systems don’t measure up you’re losing, if you systems don’t deliver you’ve lost.

We help most our clients save money, because often they are spending more than they need to or are buying in to the wrong products. Business systems are curated and configured for a purpose, an off the shelf product most likely will not cut the Mustard and will hold you back or need replacing.

We have 14 years experience working with some of the UKs most IT dependent organisations and would love the opportunity to come and see how we can help you with no obligation to buy anything ever.