As I am sure you’re well aware GDPR is going to be enforced from May this year. There’s plenty of cashing in on GDPR from many sectors, some of them truly mind boggling in terms of what they can offer towards Data law policy. But fear is easy to sell.

So how worried should we all be about GDPR? The short answer is not at all, all the worry in all the world won’t make you GDPR compliant so you’re wasting your time there.

I’ve heard all sorts of worries such as “we’ve been told we should destroy all our records and start from scratch” to “we’ve got 3 filing cabinets of info that would cause me a huge headache if I have to digitise it all”.

The key to both of these concerns is to start with the end in mind, the data you hold on your clients needs to adhere to the core principles of GDPR. Portability, Erasure, Consent to hold, security and notification of breaches. So there is not a “need” to digitise paper files if you can organise these files to adhere to the above, the truth of the matter is it’d probably be easier to digitise your data despite the man hours. However it’s not required.

Also the ICO who are tasked with enforcing GDPR are already busy people, and GDPR isn’t even being properly enforced yet, the truth of the matter is they are probably going to have to pick their battles when it comes to keeping companies in check. Chances are as long as you’re not a repeat offender or making zero effort to comply with the GDPR rules you’ll probably be fine.

Now.. I’m not telling you to wing it or ignore GDPR, in fact the opposite, protect yourselves, make sure you’re ready, register with the ICO, get cyber insurance, a DPO if the budget permits and an I.T. partner to help you get and stay compliant.

Not only will you benefit from increased efficiency but you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing how to react if there’s a data issue in the coming years.

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