This post is going to focus on Cloud based storage of Files and Email, we’ll likely discuss another time the benefits of using Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS).

The move to Cloud based storage from on site is the biggest growth area in IT and there by you’d assume it’s a logical step. To be honest there’s a good chance it is, but there’s a couple of questions to answer before you move any further in this article.

  1. How reliable is your Internet connection?
  2. If there was downtime on the line how would you cope?

If you’re feeling uneasy then it might be that putting your life and data in the Cloud might be a little premature, Fibre broadband is rolling out nicely in the UK and with the right Hardware speeds can very almost match that of properly configured on site systems.

Assuming you’ve decided that moving your data in to the Cloud is a good idea depending on the amount of Data you have that could be a huge undertaking and take 2 days to a week. And trust me when I say that we’ve been doing this long enough to know the cost of any downtime on your business. And trust me when I tell you that we’ve heard hundreds of times that a customer “Can live without data for a small period of downtime”. Give it two hours and the palms get sweaty.

The fact is sometimes we don’t appreciate the true amount we rely on our data, we’ve already somewhat moved into the Cloud even before re positioning our Servers there. Email, Text, Website Enquiries etc etc.

If we’ve so far ticked the boxes and decided that moving all data to the Cloud is a good move the real trick is to make sure it’s done right. We forge alliances with customers, we’re not just here to sell a solution and then move on, we build relationships because as you know with IT things go wrong, and they need fixing. It’s hugely counter productive to cut corners for us, we feel the pain just as you do when things aren’t running right.

Therefore moving data to another platform is a process or a Project if you will, and like all Projects they need management, carefully thought out steps and a Plan B if things don’t quite go as expected.

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