We asked our engineers for their “absolute musts” in company security. The things that have to be implemented company-wide and are non-negotiable.

Here’s what they came back with

Multi Factor Authentication

This by far was the number one recommendation from our team. It’s such a simple thing, not all platforms support it but many if not already on board are joining. As well needing a username and password to log on you also get a code sent through to an enrolled device such as your mobile phone.

This is such a simple but massively effective technique in keeping your account secure.

Audit Logs

Checking the logs of who’s been doing what with company logins can reveal most techniques hackers and bad actors use to extort your data and clients, and in most instances stop them before they can.

Log in reports

Getting a report of who’s logging in or attempting to log into your accounts can reveal potential security holes and also staff that may require a little more training on cybersecurity.

Company-wide email rules

Setting up email rules such as “no forwarding to external addresses” can protect your company from not just a GDPR perspective but also from hackers and bad actors taking your data and extorting you or your clients.

Internal alerts

Many hackers and bad actors will Phish for information or even send bogus emails, a setting such as alerting your team when someone external to your business is impersonating someone within your business can go a long way to stopping these attacks.


Aurora Tech Support have many many tools and procedures developed since 2003 to keep your company secure. If you’d like to discuss you comapny security please get in touch.