Technology has been essential for any business to deliver results for their clients and to grow their business for the future for some time, but that need is increasing too.

Now we don’t just need technology in our business to deliver our products and services but also to protect ourselves. Cyber attacks are on the rise (massively) and it’s important to protect your business against these attacks and to get back up and running as quickly as possible. It costs a lot of money when systems are down, the phone’s ringing and clients want answers and you can’t give them, the cost if we think about it is huge.

Not only do we need a robust backup solution (you’d be amazed at the amount of backups that don’t work effectively) but also how quick that data can be restored, serious consideration should be given to how quick you need that data restored? If it took 2 days would that be ok? Do you need it back within the hour?

Spoiler the cost differs massively, but then, so could downtime costs.

We work with all our “Service Level Agreement” clients to make sure we looking at the stability of the technology in their businesses, are they building for the future? Are they protected? Are devices running efficiently? Are upgrades required?

We produce reports to clearly explain where our clients should look to stand with the technology in their estate and what would happen in the event of a cyber attack.

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If you’d like to have a chat about protecting your business for the future please get in touch.