“You are heavily dependent on IT and without it you’d really struggle to run your business.”


The above might seem at first glance to be a bit of an overstatement, after all “you and your people are the business”, now I don’t dispute that but do me a favor please turn off all the devices in your business and then go about your day with them remaining off. You can switch them back on tomorrow and resume activities as per usual.

Great thanks, now OK on this occasion we voluntarily switched everything off and switched back on as needed (I’m going to assume you humored me) but what if we involuntarily lost the IT systems in our businesses?

What redundancy’s do you have? This morning a new prospect contacted us and mentioned the reason for their call was their IT support open after them and when the 23 staff got in first thing the server was down, it was 2 hours before they could report it and a further 5 hours before they could work, 7 hours of downtime for this company cost them £4,000 in lost revenue and £3,450 in staff wages.

Opps! That’s just 7 hours, imagine if there was prolonged downtime, sometimes downtime is inevitable a telecoms engineer unplugs the wrong port at the exchange or a burst pipe wipes out the comms room (I wouldn’t put pipes in the Comms room) but response is key, we pride ourselves on our communication and response to client requests. Have a free 30 minute chat to see how we can support your continued business success.