With the explosion of software as a service (Xero, Salesforce etc) hosting your data in the Cloud makes sense. But sometimes you need access to your Company server when you’re out of the office.

Traditionally this was managed through VPNs predominately, a link through the internet to your office server. But this is a very specific tunnel to very specific server data such as your emails or files. This may be all that’s needed and traditionally has been all that’s needed.

But we now find ourselves needing access to systems housed on our servers when out of the office. Practice Management software for instance if you’re an accountant. And this can only be achieved by dialing into the server remotely.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a leased line or a pretty robust Fibre connection you may be able to do this from your offices. But if you worry about security or speed when working away from the office the Cloud is the way to go.

Granted there’s some considerations to make to see if the Cloud is for you but that’s where Aurora Tech Support will help. We will provide a free audit and consultation to decide the best course of action for your company.

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