I get asked a lot about the changes brought about by the pace of technology, how this will affect businesses and will computers be putting people out of a job.

The simple answer is yes and no, computer programs and automation will reduce the need for humans to get involved in certain tasks thus freeing staff up to concentrate in other areas, and no doubt many companies will see this as an opportunity to save money and reduce staff numbers.

However smart business leaders will find other areas for their team members to produce results for clients and prospects. And the smartest businesses will embrace this change and anticipate it.

For instance one big change is the use of Bots to answer online chat questions, in fact chances are you’ve probably dealt with a chat bot and not even realised such is the improvement in the technology in the past two years.

Just this alone presents great opportunities for businesses, the average SME website receives 40 web visits per day. If a well programed chat bot can point visitors in the right direction and take orders then just a 4% return on visitors will produce huge results for the average SME.

But we shouldn’t get caught up on chat bots, there’s a lot of changes coming in the way businesses trade and speak to their clients and it’s imperative to have an innovative I.T. supplier to guide you through not only changes in technology but utilising the other great asset in your business, your people.

For over 14 years we’ve not only kept our clients I.T. systems healthy but also our clients workforce healthy too. We utilise leadership techniques developed by Dale Carnegie to bridge the gap between human resources and your I.T. and produce amazing results for clients and prospects.

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