We are Aurora Tech Support, a managed service provider of IT for businesses based in Leeds.

IT Support Services Leeds

We are Aurora Tech Support, a managed service provider of IT for businesses based in Leeds.

Reliable business IT support services for Leeds since 2003.

Need a reliable ongoing IT partner for your business?

3rd Floor, Bank House,
27 King St, Leeds

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A proactive, preventative approach to I.T. is more efficient than extinguishing fires.

A proactive approach to your I.T. increases user productivity, decreases risk and keeps costs under control. Managing your businesses IT proactively gives you and your team the perfect platform to grow.

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Since 2003 we’ve been providing reliable and responsive IT support services to the businesses of Leeds & Yorkshire. We were formed in LS6 Leeds and quickly opened offices in Wetherby LS22. Since then we have grown to service hundreds of clients in Leeds and beyond.

We’re one of the longest serving local business IT support companies and currently support and service over 400 Leeds based businesses providing IT support services as well as IT support services to a further 200 businesses across Yorkshire.

We don’t just fix business IT issues when they go wrong, we monitor and proactively fix IT issues as they arise. We’re more than just IT support for your business and your team we make sure your business IT services allow you and your team to collaborate, work effectively and deliver amazing results for your clients.

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It’s important to work with an IT partner that helps you and your team to get the best from their technology so you can deliver the best for your clients.

Get in touch today to have a free, no-obligation chat about the IT in your business and how we can help you. Or if you’d prefer come have a meeting at our Leeds city centre offices, get in touch and we’ll get it booked.

IT Support Services in Leeds

Being proactive and monitoring your systems to deliver a higher level of performance, functionality and stability is cost-effective for your business. We’ve already helped over 400 Leeds businesses with their IT support needs. If you’d like to discuss IT support services for your business get in touch.

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Our primary goals are to help your team with their IT support needs, help you grow your business and build relationships.

We are a Leeds company helping Leeds businesses with their IT support.

Remote Support? On-Site Support?

It’s all the same to us, we’ll do whatever’s best for your business. As a local Leeds IT support partner for your business we can easily deploy engineers.

That said sometimes we will fix issues in minutes remotely.

Documentation Platform

Our secure online platform holds all your information required for migration and future support.

It’s a curated encyclopedia of all we need to provide your business with amazing support. So it doesn’t matter which engineer picks up the job the information’s there.

Remote Monitoring & Alerts

We use industry leading software to deliver the best IT support for your business. We monitor your infrastructure from our Leeds offices and respond to any alerts generated for your devices.

This means most issues are fixed in minutes.

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Efficent IT means business growth

We are a full-service IT support partner for your business

We don’t just fix issues when they go wrong, we proactively monitor your infrastructure to prevent issues and secure your devices and data.

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All Leeds aren’t we

Our recent projects

Aurora Tech Support was formed in Leeds in 2003, originally in Headingley LS6 we have grown and now have office space in Leeds City Centre, LS1.

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Leeds Business IT Support Platform LS1
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We are a passionate team, that help you use the IT in your business to help you grow and work efficently.

Amazing Leeds based business IT support

We’ve been providing IT support to the businesses of Leeds since 2003. We started out in Headingley offering IT support to businesses and looking after their infrastructure, making sure their devices ran efficently and fixing issues as they arose.

Now we provide sophisticated monitoring and remediation support for issues and look after over 400 Leeds based businesses.

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  • Real time monitoring of servers and business critical infrastructure.
  • Alerts informing of imminent issues with servers and business critical infrastructure.
  • Speak directly to an engineer when calling.
  • Support for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices as well as support for physical and virtual servers.
  • Support for cloud services, including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Google Workspace.
  • Security and Cybersecurity protection.
  • Robust ransomware resilient backups and restore.

We are a full-service IT company

You need IT, we support IT.

We’ve been doing this a long time and work with some of Leeds most IT dependant organisations keeping their teams working and devices operating.

Find out more about how we can help your team here.

One of Leeds longest running and most experienced business IT support services companies

We’ve been supporting Leeds businesses with their IT support needs since 2003 and have grown to be one of the biggest IT support providers in Leeds. If you’d like to have a chat please get in touch and a member of the team would be more than happy to assist.

Leeds City Centre IT Support

2-Work, 3rd Floor, Bank house, 27 King St, Leeds LS1 2HL

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Your Team. Our Passion for IT.

Innovative IT services

Aurora Tech Support are a leading Managed IT and Cyber Security Services provider based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. We’ve been working with Leeds companies since 2003 to provide IT services so you and your teams can deliver results for your clients and prospects. Currently we have 3 Yorkshire offices.

Collaborative IT services that Leeds to success for you and your team.

Innovative IT services

We’re all about working together, we’re all about helping you produce your best. As you’ll no doubt agree businesses are led by their people and their technology.

Let our Leeds team help your Leeds team, with the right IT partner by your side providing industry leading IT services for you and your team, you can deliver for your clients and prospects. From our Leeds, Yorkshire based offices we cover the whole UK.

Leeds Business IT Support Platform LS1

There’s no one size of business that needs to call in a managed IT, service provider, to support their company’s IT.

The rule is whenever your business has grown to a size that IT challenges are cropping up and it’s pulling your members of your team away from their usual work and costing your company more than outsourcing the management of IT support and services.

As a general rule, this is about 5 employees in the business, but it will differ from company to company.

Having the technology in your business managed by an IT professional has many benefits.

As well as making sure that the office IT is running effeciently so your team can work efficently and hit deadlines as well as creating the best quality of work for your clients, issues when they do arise are managed and fixed quickly. Plus having a dedicated IT service and support team assisting you frees up anyone internally that would muddle through and paper over the cracks.

IT support companies like us are structured to provide fast and reliable IT support services to your business. Unfortunatly despite having the structure in place for supporting your IT services within these companies communication and standards internally let a lot of IT support and service providers down.

We are festidious about customer service and communication and so put a huge amount of time and effort to not only train our team but look at our communication with clients, to make sure that as well as the internal structures to do the work we have the internal processes to carry out the work for our clients to an amazing standard.

99 times out of 100 problems with your IT can be fixed remotely, and so it’s not essential to use a local Leeds based IT partner. But.

There will be times where it’s of benefit to have someone locally in Leeds to come and assist on-site, and if this IT partner understands you and understands your needs and knows your team then that pays dividends.