Business phone systems

Businesses need to be mobile and flexible in their communication.

You need to communicate out of the office as seemlessly as you would in the office, that’s why the solutions we introduce to your business aren’t just tied to your desk phone. The same number works on your mobile and your laptop just as it does on your desk phone.

Plus we’ve added video calling too to meet and speak with collegues, clients, prospects… in fact whoever you want to meet with. If you’re looking for a reliable local phone company get in touch.

  • As long as you have internet connection take calls anywhere.

  • Transfer seamlessly between your desk phone, mobile or laptop/desktop

  • Expert telephone support

  • We can provide the best all-round solution for any business in the region.

  • Critical systems always going down

Business Phone system desktop App, Yorkshire. Leeds, Harrogate, Wetherby, York and Otley

Business phone packages start at just £16.95 per month

Benefits of Hosted Phone Systems

With a “hosted” phone system your business will benifit from the flexibility of a traditional office based system but hosted in the cloud and managed by local IT and phone company Aurora Tech Support.

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Business Hosted Phones

Microsoft 365 Teams Phone phone companies

Microsoft Teams 365 Phone System

Customer Service

Customer service is the cornerstone of growth. And with the right phones and phone company for your business customer service can be a breeze.


Good communication beats your competition hands down, in fact it removes them from the game. The right business phones and phone company gets your companies communication on point.


Our hosted phone platform allows quick and easy addition and subtraction of phones to meet your needs on a variety of devices inside and outside the office.

Flexibility & Mobility

Takes your business with you anywhere and take calls on your desk phone, mobile phone, laptop or tablet.

Easy Call Management

Transfer, hold, conference, record. Whatever you need we can help you get there.

Control Costs

A flat rate per phone licence, we can even block costly premium numbers.

Business Phone systems in Yorkshire, Leeds, Wetherby, Harrogate, York and Otley

Business Video Meetings

With a business phone licence on our platform we include free fully encrypted video conferencing solutions for your to meet with team members or clients.

Our Hosted Telecom Plans

It can be confusing when looking for business telephones and a reliable local phone company to takle care of your and your teams needs, maybe you have a current phone solution that isn’t working as required? maybe you’re starting out from scratch with business phones for your office?

Thats why our pricing is simple.

Compare phone plans based on features.

With Desk Phones

36 months min. contract

  • With Yealink T41s phone
  • 2,000 Free Minutes for 01, 02, & 03 UK national numbers
  • 2,000 Free Minutes for 07 EE, O2, Vodafone and 3 Network UK numbers

  • Desktop App Windows & Mac
  • Mobile App iOS & Android

£16.95 a month

Without Desk Phones

30 day rolling contract

  • With Yealink T41s phone
  • 2,000 Free Minutes for 01, 02, & 03 UK national numbers
  • 2,000 Free Minutes for 07 EE, O2, Vodafone and 3 Network UK numbers

  • Desktop App Windows & Mac
  • Mobile App iOS & Android

£16.95 a month

Each business phone licence is essentially it’s own line, but we pool the allowance. Each line (licence) comes with 2,000 free minutes per month. So if you ordered 4 phone lines (licences) for your office you’d not only have multiple business phone lines, but 8,000 minutes of calls to share across all the phones.

Why Aurora Tech Support for your phone systems

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Our delighted customers

Darren and the team at Aurora are both knowledgeable, professional and put the needs of me and my business first.

Regardless of the issue, they have been quick to respond and just as quick to resolve.

Highly recommended.


Fantastic Personal Service! Darren Dealt with my IT Issues with urgency and efficiency. Highly Recommended!

Simon Padgett

A breath of fresh air when it comes to IT support. Recently turned to Aurora moving from our previous provider. Completely understood what we required and it wasn’t like talking to a know it all brick wall. Made everything simple to understand, slick and more importantly easy to use! Thanks Darren and team.

Nik Coleman

We would highly recommend Aurora Tech Support to anyone who is looking for good IT support whatever the problem. Darren has assisted us with all our IT issues and always been on call first hand when required. We look forward to working with you in the future.

CLD Recruitment

Great service: really helpful and quick to resolve my difficulty. I’d definitely recommend Aurora. Thank you

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Common questions about business phone systems

We understand, you probably just want some phones for your business and you don’t want to get involved with minutes and premium charges etc etc.

We’re with you it’s a minefield, the telecoms industry is ridiculously confusing and you just want to make phone calls and work with a reliable local phone company. I promise we get it.

Unfortunately, we didn’t build it and we have to just operate within the madness. But we do understand phones, because we, like all our clients use them. And being technically inquisitive we decided it was important for businesses to have a relaible phone company they can call on to support them just like they would their IT. And so we really needed to put our money where our mouth is and help our clients find a reliable phone company, we work with one of the best phone companies around Touch Telecom as well as providing some of our own in house solutions.

So, the best idea is to get in touch, either by phone or through the website, we’ll call you back and have a very brief and friendly chat about what you need your phones to do, how many etc and make it a breeze. You really won’t find a better phone company for your business.

The telecoms industry is a bit crazy, in the early days it was all about bolt ons and upsells and what handset and features etc etc etc, it was sold like double glazing and conservatories in the 80s.

It’s calmed down a bit now but it’s still a bit of a minefield and it’s hard to understand what you actually need. We’ve done the leg work, we’ve shopped around and found a platform that has all the funtionality a business could possibly need from their phones but is easy to use.

Get in touch and we’ll call you back to discuss the best options for you and your business and what phones will serve you best. We’re committed to being a relaible local phone company that you can trust and one that takes the headaches out of the intricacies of how phones and phone systems work. We’ll deal with the technical you just get an amazing approachable phone company to service your businesses needs.

We hear it all the time “We just need to make calls” and we understand. But we do need to know a few details like how many phones you need and what sort of phone numbers.

We’ll make it painless we promise, get in touch through the website and we’ll give you a call back to discuss the ideal phone system for your business. We’re not like other local phone companies we’re committed to you getting the services you need to grow.

The only reason we provide business phones at all is so our clients can collaborate and work efficently and effectively.

We know that implimented right business phones will help you and your team work better.

Get in touch via the website and we’ll give you a call back to make sure together we build the best business phone system for you and your team.

Depending on the quality of your business desk phone, really they only really “need” replacing every 5-7 years.

And again depending on the quality of the phone handset this is really only because the cables get tangled and despite the best cleaning those germs are there.

We use Yealink phones which on balance are the best option for your business, we’re also big fans of Snom phones too. If you’re looking for a reliable local phone company get in touch.

We’ll take care of switching from any existing suppliers

Book a call to see how we can help you, save time, reduce cost and improve your telecommunications.