In 2020, Microsoft rebranded Office 365 it’s cloud based business productivity products to Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance features

Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides advanced security features such as:-

Malware and Phishing protection with Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Microsoft Office 365 Safe Links and Safe Attachment provide configurable policies to protect against known and zero-day malware. As well as Anti-Phishing policies to protect users against phishing attacks using mailbox intelligence and machine-learning enhanced sender reputation checks.

Enhanced security with Conditional Access

Conditional Access policies provide security features as well as maintaining your teams productivity by applying the right security measures at the right time. i.e, if Microsoft 365 detects a risky sign-in from an unexpected location or non-compliant device, it can prompt for multi-factor authentication or block access to the user.

Powerful auditing to check risky logins and geographical location

By utilising Microsoft Office 365s powerful auditing abilities you can block risky logins as well as get a list of login locations to keep your Microsoft Office 365 tenant protected.

Email rules and filters

Microsoft Office 365 allows companies to warn users of risky emails with a banner at the top of emails that meet certain conditions. Such as an email with the same name as someone internally or filtering emails that are from a low reputation account.

Already have Microsoft 365 in your business but want to enable advanced features?

All the above features are provided with with Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, however you still need to configure them to suit your businesses requirements. Aurora Tech Support can manage the security on your Office 365 tenant even if it’s already configured and in use.