I was sat in a very fancy office today, mahogany everywhere. It was amazing.

This company had done well and had been trading for 39 years (since before I was born in fact) and they’d done very well in fact, but I wasn’t there to talk about how well they’d done I was there because they’d noticed a change since they started 39 years ago and I was there to discuss what that might of been and how I could help.

We spoke about what it was like in the 80s running a business, mainly I listened but also added in some of my experiences of going into the office with my father and photocopying pictures of Nightrider I’d drawn.

We spoke about printing flyers, mailing them out to hundreds of local businesses in the hope of getting delegates to seminars or product demos. There’s no doubt about it businesses in that respect was more linear from a sales point of view. But we live in the age of information, information is everywhere, and when information is everywhere we don’t just get a flyer through the post and dip our toe in. We look around, we window shop.

We compare to competitors, we ask questions on social media, we look at reviews (heads up internet reviews are mostly nonsense, either friends of the company submitting favorable reviews or disgruntled tire kickers putting on the war paint and going full keyboard warrior rather than having a discussion with the human beings at the company to actually solve any grievances) but the fact remains. We simply do not jump in at the deep end anymore, choice is in abundance.

So, come gather ’round people wherever you roam, what then exactly do we do now to entice people to our wares? How is business won and lost in the New World?

It’s simple really, and this is what I told the huge Mahogany walls in the fancy office earlier today. While the sales process has changed beyond recognition, what people want from their suppliers hasn’t changed one bit. It’s the same as it ever was! People want communication and service. That’s basically it. And that’s basically IT.

Before a client picks up the phone, or sends an email, or a DM they’ve been through your company website, your LinkedIn, your Facebook, your clients. To see if there’s a synergy, they are doing the sales for you in some respects, you have got to get your ducks in a row. Or that phone call / email / DM will not come, and you probably won’t even know you’ve lost a sale.

Setting out your stall is one hundred times more complicated than it was in 1981, if not one thousand. And how do we communicate and show the world what we do?

Website (IT), email (IT), phone (IT/telecoms), social media (IT), Zoom/Teams (IT) oh my! it’s all IT.

So now ask yourself, do you have a strategy for these new avenues? Are you ready for the future and any future incoming changes?

I’m not going to go on about why you should get a reliable IT partner and have a chat with us, you’re a grown-up and you make your own choices, I just want to give you the information you need to achieve the growth you require/desire.

If of course though you would like to work with a reliable IT partner to achieve fantastic growth and generally smash it out of the park, then get in touch. We’d love to work together and show your competiton who’s in charge.