We discussed last week the fundamental needs of your business to succeed. Focus, practice and discipline.

These three things I have found to be the key to the continued success of Aurora Tech Support. A few years ago we restructured our systems to be built around these three cornerstones and have reaped the benefits more than we could have ever dreamed. It creates a snowball effect and an exponential curve in every area of the Business.

The only way you can improve something is by measuring it, scrutinising the results and making changes accordingly, and this needs to be a weekly or at the very least monthly activity.

That’s why you need a I.T. partner to work with because as Daniel Priestley states in his book “Oversubscribed: How to Get People Lining Up to Do Business with You” every business is now an I.T. business. People live on the internet, converse on the internet and do business on the internet.

In fact you’ll find that over the next few years zero business is conducted outside of the internet, no doubt you’ll meet someone face to face in person at a networking event or sportsman’s dinner soon, but the first thing they are going to do if they want a coffee or to talk business? They’re going to add you on LinkedIn or drop you an email to make plans. This is the new normal.

If you’re not there and you’re not communicating effectively you’re not only losing business you’re on your way out of business.

We work as a strategic I.T. partner with over 45 local firms, this is more than traditional I.T. support this as well as offering all you’d expect from an I.T. supplier in terms of break fix support on issues, monitoring of systems, servers for housing data, emails and websites we also sit down frequently took look at the businesses performance, we look at the workforce’s productivity, we look at client experiences, enquiries generated through the website and even how effective leadership is produced by the management team.

We are an extension of your business, involved just as you are and driven to help deliver results and drive your continued success.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs, it’s free and we promise to give you some amazing ideas to go away and think about.