Managed IT Support

A proactive approach to your IT increases user productivity, decreases risk and keeps costs under control.

Monitoring your IT network allows you to control almost every aspect of your business allowing you to have positive impacts on productivity, efficency, delivery, growth and profits.

Business IT and Infrastructure

How your business benefits from managed IT support

Being proactive and monitoring your systems to deliver a higher level of performance, functionality and stability is cost-effective for your business.

Your biggest business expense is human resources. If you can better utilise your team through a technology solution then your business will benefit from higher productivity which will produce better results for you and your clients.

These tangible benefits to your business is why managed services are so critical.

Proactive Support

Reacting to IT issues as they arise increases down time, lowers team morale and increases costs for your business.

But by proactively monitoring your IT systems you make everything move smoother in your business, increase productivity, efficiency and profits.

Help Desk

Having a contact for you and your team to call with issues will allow you and your team to produce amazing results in your business.

We’re a help desk that helps, not one that just “raises a ticket”.

Make your business faster

Proactively monitoring your business IT allows you and your team to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

As well as decreasing downtime as many issues can be rectified before you even know about them or need to report.

All Critical Services are included in our IT support contracts

Cloud Backup

  • Robust data backup solution
  • Full Disaster Recovery


  • Robust cyber security
  • Anti malware Software
  • Anti virus protection
  • Firewall protection
  • Email alerts

Spam Protect

  • Email Anti Spam and Anti Malware Solution
  • Cloud Servers


  • Realtime alerts & performance of company devices
  • Reduce downtime
  • Reduce problems

Onsite Support

  • Onsite support at your offices
  • Face to face support and understanding of your needs.

  • Network performance adjustments

Remote Support

  • Remote support via the internet
  • Fast response to most issues
  • Quicker resolutions

Why take your journey with us

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Our delighted customers

Darren and the team at Aurora are both knowledgeable, professional and put the needs of me and my business first.

Regardless of the issue, they have been quick to respond and just as quick to resolve.

Highly recommended.


Fantastic Personal Service! Darren Dealt with my IT Issues with urgency and efficiency. Highly Recommended!

Simon Padgett

A breath of fresh air when it comes to IT support. Recently turned to Aurora moving from our previous provider. Completely understood what we required and it wasn’t like talking to a know it all brick wall. Made everything simple to understand, slick and more importantly easy to use! Thanks Darren and team.

Nik Coleman

We would highly recommend Aurora Tech Support to anyone who is looking for good IT support whatever the problem. Darren has assisted us with all our IT issues and always been on call first hand when required. We look forward to working with you in the future.

CLD Recruitment

Great service: really helpful and quick to resolve my difficulty. I’d definitely recommend Aurora. Thank you

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Frequently Asked Questions around Business IT support services

The role delivered by an IT MSP (Managed Service Provider) is fairly vast. An IT managed service provider is your businesses partner in IT support requirements, not only should your IT support provide services that aren’t otherwise available in house to keep all IT systems functional but should also free up the time of that in-house that do have IT knowledge to concentrate on their actual role and not get bogged down with IT support and service issues.

Firstly we offer a support role to the whole team with issues they might be having with connectivity, passwords, printers, email. Pretty much you name it.

Secondly, we offer a management role to the deploying and on-going maintenance of servers and settings for the software solutions the company uses and the backup of those systems.

When companies are first formed, often it’s all hands on deck and the founder will usually muddle through with setting up a website, emails and buying IT equipment etc. In fact it’s rare a startup will off the bat look for an IT support and services provider (though it does happen).

There comes a point when the business grows to a point that it’s uneconomical to continue in this way and an external IT provider needs to be found, solving IT issues on your valuable company time not only pulls you away from other more important activities but also results in more IT issues for the team because it’s not being managed by a dedicated IT professional who can devote both the time and knowledge to making sure issues are resolved and unlikely to return in the near future.

When looking for IT companies to best serve your business it’s hard. You don’t know what you don’t know, and that member of staff that’s “pretty IT literate and deals with most stuff” only knows what they know, while that may be a little more it’s not really enough to push your business forward.

IT companies should be helping deliver results for your business, such as increased efficiency, improved team collaboration, better profit margins.

The IT companies you work with in your business should constantly be looking to assist you and help push your business in the direction you want to go. Be this regular meetings or just in the background pointing you in the right direction. Most IT companies are reactionary and not looking to improve the day to day running of your business and it’s technology.

Firstly, of course we are going to say yes.

So let’s leave that and just explain why, having a level of expertise in technology available to you business means you can save both time and money, as well as increasing profits.

Having a professional IT support and service provider allows you to provide excellent solutions to your team in house to get access to data and collaborative softwares to increase your companies productivity. And allows you to provide innovative solutions to clients and prospects to interact with your brand without necessarily tieing up a member of staff.

IT support services shouldn’t break the bank but should be enough that your IT partner can focus on what they are doing and provide efficient and robust systems for your team to do their jobs quickly and efficiently so your business can grow and increase profits.

In fact not having an IT support and services provider when a company reaches about 5 employees plus in the long run costs the company more in lost profits than it ever would in IT support costs.

It’s a good idea to write down your business goals and what you’d like to achieve and speak to the IT department at a schedule convenient to you to see how they can help you use your technology to deliver on your business goals or at least help to deliver those goals, we find quarterly meetings to be a good timeframe.

Your IT support and service provider should ideally save you time (as you’re not trying to solve IT issues in-house therefore freeing up staff), save you money (as you’re not paying for more staff rather than efficient systems, and allows you to use the IT in your business to grow) and increase team collaboration and business efficiency.

Simplify your IT worries

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