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Common questions about business cloud backups

There are nearly an infinite ways to backup your business data, but the short answer is it depends how soon you would need to be back online after data loss. But many backups are not sufficient for modern businesses, your company should at the very least run a secure on-site and off-site backup of its data. The cost of which will depend on the amount of data that needs protecting.
Your company should be backing up all data it needs to trade (including company emails which is often missed). Ideally backing up entire servers.
It’s not strictly mandatory for businesses to backup their data, however with GDPR you are required to “protect” your business data from attack as it will contain personal details of staff, clients, prospects etc. Failure to protect this data and alert of loss can land you in extremely hot water.
Many businesses believe that firstly they are unlikely to lose data and that data in “The Cloud” on Dropbox, or Google Drive, or OneDrive, Sharepoint etc are protected. We cannot stress this enough, this data is not sufficiently protected, you need to protect this data and backup accordingly, and with GDPR you are even legally obliged to protect this data from attack and monitor and inform the relevant authorities of data loss.

The 3-2-1 backup rule means that you should have 3 copies of your data, that is the live data that you use in the business and two copies. And these two copies should be in two different locations, with at least one copy off-site for disaster recovery.

You and your company are responsible for the backup of your data and making sure that the right data is secured, get everything in writing with your backup provider as to what is being backed up, as if anything is missed it is ultimately you and your company that are at fault. If however you have in writing what should be backed up and can show that the backup provider is aware then it is the provider’s responsibility to secure that data unless it cannot be done, at which point you should be informed of that and the provider would need to show they have informed you of that.
In an ideal world we would back up entire servers, this causes the least downtime and the best recovery after data loss. However, where this simply isn’t possible you’ll need to keep a copy of all company files and software databases. This requires incredible attention to detail as things can be very easily missed if not gone through with a fine tooth comb when setting up your company’s business backup solution.

Not all backups are created equal

Cyber attacks are becoming more an more sophisticated, and some backups just aren’t up to the task of protecting your most valuable asset, your data.

Make sure you’re protected with a robust backup solution, before you realise you needed it.

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