It’s no secret that Eastern governments have carried out state-sponsored cyber attacks against Western businesses for a few years now to destabilise Western governments and economies.

And now with the horrific conflict in Ukraine again cyber attacks are on the rise as hostile governments try to undermine free-thinking nations and collapse economies.

So what can you do to protect your business from state-sponsored Eastern cyber attacks?

At a minimum, you should invest in Cyber essentials for your business, install endpoint internet security on all devices, maintain a robust firewall, monitor the network and devices and run a robust and reliable backup of your business-critical data. At a minimum!

The slightly more in-depth and accurate answer is that you need to produce a cybersecurity plan for your business to ascertain the level of security required, the settings needed and the data you need backed up. From there we can help you and your team develop a disaster recovery plan, this together with a robust cybersecurity protection plan your business will have what it needs to 1. protect itself and 2. recover if the worst does happen.

Get in touch today to discuss protecting your business with a member of our team, together we can protect your business’s future.