How to set up and use a VPN to access your files on iPad or iPhone

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad, and then tap “VPN”
    VPN Settings iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap “Add VPN Connection”
    iPhone iPad add VPN connection
  3. Fill in your VPN details (This is where it starts to get technical, if you need assistance please give us a call and one of the team would be happy to assist)
    iPhone iPad VPN details
  4. Now connect by Selecting your VPN and toggling the switch next to “Not connected” if the VPN is configured correctly your iPhone/iPad will connect.
    Apple iPad iPhone VPN Connect
  5. Once you have configured and connected to your VPN you can then move to the “Files” app on your iPhone or iPad home screen.
    Apple iPad iPhone Files App
  6. Tap to open the “Files” app and tap the 3 dots in the top right.
    Apple iPhone iPad Files App
  7. Tap “Connect to server”
    Apple Files App Connect to server
  8. Put the address of your SMB/File server in (Again this might be quite technical, if you require assistance please get in touch)
    Apple Files App iPhone iPad Server address
  9. Fill in your user details for the server and then tap “Done”
    Apple files app iPhone iPad user details
  10. Your files will be displayed and you can get to work.
    Apple iPhone iPad Files

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