How to share a Microsoft 365 calendar and set permissions

  1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 account at in your internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc)
    Microsoft 365 - Add signature
  2. Click “Calendar” down the left hand side of your screen, this is the icon that looks just like a small calendar.
    Microsoft 365 - Calendar share
  3. Under the “My Calendar” drop down you’ll see your calendars listed, then next to the calendar you would like to share click “More options”
    Microsoft 365 - Calendar sharing more options
  4. Then click “Sharing and permissions”
    Microsoft 365 - Calendar sharing and permissions
  5. Choose who you’d like to share the calendar with and set your sharing options, i.e. “Can Edit” “Can View” etc
    Microsoft 365 Sharing options
  6. Click “Share”
    Microsoft 365 - Share calendar

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