Setting up Microsoft Office 365 Business

So you’re here because most likely you’ve made the choice to set up your business email, calendars, contacts and shared team data on Microsoft Office 365 but don’t really know how to get started?

Well don’t worry, because we can help you get set up in no time, we are a Microsoft Partner and have been for years now, so we have partner access to deploy a Microsoft Office 365 tenant for your company in minutes.

First though you’ll need to get an idea of the Microsoft 365 licenses your business will need (don’t worry too much about that though, Microsoft Office 365 licenses can be downgraded or upgraded easily through the portal).

To get an idea of what’s required and what it will cost to migrate and move your business data to Microsoft 365 please fill out the form below to get a price for getting set up from scratch or migrating your data to Microsoft 365.

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