Remote working for you and your team.

What’s the meaning of remote working? Why would you let your team work remotely?

It’s potentially a bit daunting to let your team work remotely / from home. We understand, but remote working for your team doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing. It can be a great leap forward in productivity and morale for your team. In fact remote working has been shown to be better than office working in many situations.

But… how will you keep an eye on staff? How will you motivate them? Will your team work as productively remotely as they do in the office?

Don’t worry we get it, we employ people too.

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The truth is some of your team will work better remotely, some may work better in the office.

You’ll know if everyone in the team is pulling their weight even if they’re not right outside your office door. They’ll either meet their deadlines or they won’t, and working remotely won’t hinder you monitoring the team. There are amazing tools built purely for meeting with remote collegue, collaborating with remote collegues and email of course, the greatest remote working tool invented.

Believe it or not remote working can be more productive than working in the office.

Implimenting remote working for your team

It might be hard to understand the meaning of remote working and setting up staff to work from home, but it is simply working out of the office. Remote working could mean working from home, it could mean working from the train or a cafe. Basically if you’re out of the office and working you’re remote working.

Remote working isn’t new.

Forward thinking businesses have been implimenting remote working for years now, even before coronavirus forced us all to work from home. It makes a lot of sense to allow your team to work where they are most productive, and restricting team members to a desk in one location can have major drawbacks to productivity so many forward thinking businesses have set up staff to work from home.

Remote working isn’t for every staff member or business we know that ; but most can benefit from a good remote working policy.

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Setting up remote working.

Aurora Tech Support can help your business set up remote working for your team, and we can make sure it fits in to your current way of working as much as possible to reduce or remove any disruption to the staff in the office. In fact setting up staff to work from home is now easier than ever dues to Cloud working being so accessable.

Meaning your staff can continue to work remotely as well as they do in the office.

A fully developed plan for your team to work remotely will mean that you and your team can thrive in a modern technology environment and in fact get more done.

Instead of finishing up work in the office before rushing to a coffee meeting you could get to the venue early and work remotely and just close the laptop lid as your meeting starts. Plus much more flexibility in working benifits, because remote working isn’t restrictive at all you can plan your diary to maximise productivity.

Less stress, more productive.

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Find out how remote working can help your team.

We get asked quite frequently what is the meaning of remote working, in a nutshell, “remote working” means when you’re working outside of your office or whatever is your usual place of work.

So for instance, if your usual place of work was in a managed office space in Leeds City Centre but you had to jump on a train to Manchester and you were working on the train you’d be “remote working” simple as that.

Another question we get asked a lot is “what are the tax implications of remote working”?

While we have a pretty good idea of the answer I’m not going to even try to answer that one on the internet, but…

We know some amazing accountnats that will point you in the right direction, get in touch and we’ll help you find a friendly accountant that will be more than happy to have a quick informal chat.

While we could make broad suggestions that would no doubt make huge advances in the way you do business and results for your team, this is a very bespoke challenge and you need to take a look at your team and your offering to find out exactly how you can produce while working remotely as you do when in your usual place of work.

Of course if you’d like to have a quick informal chat about your remote working requirements please get in touch, but if you’re not quite there yet and just want some good ideas, check out Microsoft 365 and thier offerings such as Exchange emails, Sharepoint, Teams etc. And colloaboration software such as Slack.

We wrote a blog article on this some time ago, but in a nutshell remote working is 100% here to stay. In fact many many forward thinking businesses embraced remote working some time ago. That said, remote working should be thought more of work-from-anywhere rather than work-from-home.

It’s important to make sure that even though some of your team will be working remotely you have robust company policies to check on their welfare and wellbeing.

A big part of this is ensuring they have what they need to produce their work and also the channels to get help when required.

Remote working can have many benefits for your team such as the more obvious benefits of reducing commuting time.

As well as some less obvious such as increasing communication between disperate teams, reducing the time needed to gain approval from management and improved team collaboration. In fact remote working can often be the missing link in exploding company growth and profits.

We do, well more of a questionaire for us to find out exactly what you do and how you do it, then we can take these answers and put together a sophisticated and effective guide to impliment remote working in to your organisation and explode comapny growth, team collaboration and company profits.

Many modern comapnies were formed as remote working powerhouses and have never had dedicated offices and staff all over the world. And they have all been honest in some of the challenges that this presents. Such as how do you build team rapport and collaboration?

Meet ups 2 or 3 times a year is ideal but sometimes with teams all around the world this isn’t possible for everybody to attend. In these instances it’s good to create collaborative spaces when teams can have general chat and ask questions. Solutions such as Microsoft 365 Teams are great for this, channels can be created for questions and general chat.

Firstly you need to look at what each member of your team needs to do their job remotely. Then you can start to implement a remote working solution.

We can’t recommend highly enough that the laptops and tablets your team use are fast and reliable, this will be a huge bottleneck for productivity if you get it wrong.

Then you need to look at connectivity (i.e. the internet connection.) Your team will need really 4 or 5G to produce their best work, these things do cost money but if you get it right it’ll make a net profit for your organisation.