As they say prevention is better than cure, there’s a whole host of things you can do to prevent a Ransomware attack on your business and how to recover data quickly and efficiently in the event of a Security breach. But we know there’s a good chance that if you’re here you may have already been subject to an attack.

But before you part with your hard earnt cash in the hopes an extortionist will release the Encryption keys there may be another way. Sometimes there are ways of retrieving data from your system even if you do not believe that you’ve been backing up properly, operating systems more and more have in built redundancy measures that you might not realise are enabled and protecting you.

We find in around 50% of cases this is the case so there’s a reasonable chance there may be light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are here before the fact, great. Ransomware attacks are on the increase in a big way and I’m sure you know more than a few people that have had an issue. We are currently seeing an attack rate of around 15% of our business customers. And while the attackers are getting smarter and smarter at circumventing industry leading Security solutions generally the best are pretty hot at keeping you safe.

For instance for as little as around £15 per month you can protect your Business data with Security and Backup. The cost could easily be more the more Workstations you have but this is all it would cost to successfully backup the data to be retrieved even if the backup ran the corrupt data to the Backup Endpoint, regardless of how many Workstations in your Business.

The more robust the solution you implement in your Business the more likely you are to avoid infection in the first place and the faster you’ll be back up and running if your data is compromised, but you don’t need to spend the Earth to be protected you will need to spend the Earth if you’re not.