We speak to a lot of the UKs most IT dependant companies, and the comments we here more than anything when discussing thier needs for IT Support is that their previous supplier didn’t communicate with them, that they were “put in a queue” only to hear nothing back for two weeks and then when they chased a solution it’d clearly been dropped. All this despite them paying a monthly fee for preferential Support. Sound familiar?

Beside this seeming absolutely insane to us, we put effective communication at the top of our list. And that’s not a pleasant voice on the phone fobbing you off, with us you talk to an engineer if not your account manager. We are all about service, customer service is first, second and third. We built Aurora Tech Support around our communication and service, it’s in our company values. And when we drop the ball we kick ourselves hard.

We are so passionate about delivering for you and your company, if you’re having trouble with your current supplier give us an opportunity to wow you.

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