In recent years some of the largest companies have successfully used technology to innovate their offering to clients and prospects with amazing success.

One such example, Disney, introduced MagicBands in 2013, a wristband that on first glance acts as your hotel room key. it soon become apparent it’s much more.

You name it Disney have made sure that you can do almost anything required on your stay with their MagicBand wristband. Purchase food, get buses to parks and resorts, get on rides, spend money in the many many gift shops.

Not only did Disney’s MagicBands give guests at Disney Resorts an easy way to travel around and use the facilities but also a great way for Disney to maximise revenue.

MagicBands utilise NFC technology (like contactless bank cards and Apple Pay) that acts as your room key, park tickets, a payment card (you link a credit card), and pretty much whatever else Disney can imagine. For instance, Disney have started using them as a way to track movement through the parks to give them amazing footfall data on popular areas and therefore the best place to put gifts, food, and drink to maximise revenue. To be honest the possibilities are pretty endless.

But possibly the real masterstroke by Disney is offering upgrades to the MagicBand whereby customers can get a strap featuring their favourite Disney owned character and making a utilitarian device desirable.

So how can we use similar methods of innovation in our own businesses? Unfortunately, we don’t have the brand strength of Disney to attract millions of clients every year to our businesses, and we can’t stick Cinderella or Spiderman on the side of our products to sell more, but that’s not to say the same techniques cannot deliver amazing results for our businesses too.

Can you gamify the delivery of your products and services? Freshworks for instance offer points based on usage of their products and leaderboards to promote competition among your team by crowning an “MVP” (most valuable player) each month.

These simple tactics can create amazing results for your businesses while simultaneously improving the client experience.

For instance, if you want to take a leaf out of the Aurora Tech Support book, every month in our management meetings, among other things we have two items on the agenda.

  1. What can we do to improve the client experience?
  2. What can we do to improve client engagement?

Those two items have resulted in fantastic results for us over the years. If you’d like to have a chat about how you can use the technology in your business to innovate for your team and your clients and produce better results we’d love to talk, please get in touch.


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