Use Microsoft Teams from the web rather than the App

The Microsoft Teams App is designed to use a lot of RAM (don’t worry too much about that as it’s designed to release RAM when other apps need it) and this can cause significant slowing down of your device, not great when you’re trying to run an efficient and productive business.

So here’s how to run Teams from a web page rather than the App.

  1. Sign in at
    Microsoft 365 - Add signature
  2. Down the left hand side you will see links for all the popular Teams actions.
    Microsoft 365 - Teams actions
  3. Running Teams from the web will save a lot of your systems resources and allow your device to remain productive. You may notice issues with connectivity in video meetings due to limitations in your chosen web browser, please get in touch if you’re still experiencing issues with Microsoft Teams either in a browser or through the dedicated App.

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