We’ve been around the block, we formed Aurora Tech Support in 2003 and over those years our workforce has swelled and condensed, swelled and condensed.

We’ve always built our IT Support offering with the philosophy that we should be efficient just like the systems and networks we manage. We have found over the years that we can only be streamlined and efficient if we are streamlined and efficient. It’s crazy that we would even have to say that last sentence but believe me there are a lot of bloated over grown IT Support providers in the Leeds region we serve.

It used to be almost a weekly occurrence on Sales appointments we’d be told that XYZ Company was probably better to assist as they had 14 engineers versus our 3. And in fact on many occasions the IT Support company they were name dropping we were well aware had just purchased Stock images of a team of staff off the internet to use on their site and had 1 full time engineer in reality.

I won’t lie, we’ve toyed with the idea of making the support team look bloated but decided against it, we’re amazing at what we do and our approach, sorry to seem big headed but we focus fanatically about our IT Support and know that our competitors don’t put in as much as we do, we measure ourselves constantly against what’s available for Businesses in Leeds and the surrounding region and against ourselves.

And we’ve noticed a significant change recently, a shift away from what is or seems like a Big IT Support company with an army of Engineers to an IT Support provider that’s going to deliver on their Company needs. We’ve always been about Fast Beats Slow, we know Results are the only metric by how you measure your business and the only metric that we can measure ours.

We make sure that we are efficient, not quite working to capacity so we can always shift and pivot when required. Plus we have formed relationships with excellent Strategic Partners so we can respond with force if it really hits the fan (which it rarely does).

Don’t speak with an IT Support Supplier that needs your business to cover a wage bill, speak to a company that is fanatical about delivering you results.