As business owners we’re all trying to get to the same place, a successful business, with happy employees that runs efficiently.

We work with business owners across Yorkshire, and there’s one trait they all share, being busy. We know from experience that although everyone is busy, they are not always busy doing the right things. It’s easy to look in from the outside and spot the mistakes, but from the side its often hard to see the wood for the trees, and usually that is what stops all of us from getting where we want

We need tools. The tools to succeed.

We need practice, we need mentors, we need focus and we need discipline.

Put simply in our businesses the challenges are either, human resources, technology or both. So if there was a supplier that could unify I.T. and Human Resources then we’d be on to a winner right?

Our focus might be I.T. support, but the lessons we’ve learnt over the last 15 years have taught us a lot. We understand the pitfalls that befall your business, and the processes you can put in place to overcome them.

It’s important to survey your surroundings and evaluate the job in hand. There is a wealth of great information about how to achieve the successes you crave and I for one think there’s too much and it’s almost impossible to know who to listen too.

Which is why I say find a mentor, or two, or three. And listen.

You might be wondering “what this has to do with I.T. Support?” everything really but that will become clearer as we continue. Because this is about challenging beliefs including what you believe I.T. Support can offer your company.

If the mood takes you to follow what I write here I ask that you not only try the suggestions but exhaust them before you decide it doesn’t work, these aren’t necessarily quick fixes. Some of the processes we’ve enacted at Aurora Tech Support have taken two years to start baring fruit. We’ve read the books, we’ve listened to a mentor, or two or three, we’ve adopted new tools we’re now reaping the rewards.

The key to achieving what you want for your business is to put systems in place, and the sensible way to put systems in place in this day and age (and forevermore I might add) is to use technology. Not only is it neat, tidy and organised it’s your own personal PA / Coach to remind you and keep you on the right track. That however is where discipline comes in.

Unfortunately technology cannot make you disciplined, in fact there’s only really one person that can do that, unless you join the SAS. If you want to start getting disciplined check out a video by Art Williams called “Do it” and watch it every week, the irony here is you need to be disciplined to watch every week. That’s on you I’m afraid. So in terms of “focusing on the right thing” the first right thing is discipline.

See you next week, or if you want to get the ball rolling with a forward thinking I.T. partner book a free, no obligation phone chat below.