There’s a universal law in the Corporate world

No-one buys anything unless there’s a problem to be solved

We know that everyone needs what we do, and we know there’s an abundance of IT Support firms popping up. But we know first hand that the phone only rings when there’s an issue to be solved.

The 1984 Classic Ghostbusters is more about Small Business ownership than Busting Ghosts (If you’ve not seen it recently give it another watch). There’s one scene where they know there’s a market for their services, they’ve done their Due Diligence so they get premises and equipment and wait for the phone to ring, worry starts to set in. Ghosts are popping up all over town yet nothing. A rather seminal part of the film is the office manager slamming down the phone and screaming “We’ve got one”.

And this I’m sure is a frequent occurrence in many sectors not just Ghostbusting and IT Support. That’s why we understand that while we need to be seriously hot when it comes to IT Support we first and foremost need to be problem solvers. The Business world revolves around problem solvers and as the great Vanilla Ice said.

When there’s a problem, Yo I’ll solve it

We here at Aurora Tech Support have a 14 year history of leading our sector by putting Customer Service first, communication and empathy are as important a tool to us as Network Crimpers and healthy stock of RAM. Give us a call to see how we can help your business thrive.