The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is arguably one one the greatest leadership resources available. And although we can all agree on the content sometimes in our day to day lives we don’t always do the things we know we should do and “revert to type”.

Here we will outline a few ways to keep your awareness topped up and get you ready to develop some great habits.

Keeping Awareness Levels up

We know the hardest part of living your life by the Principles outlined in Stephen Covey’s world famous book is keeping the awareness levels topped up and constantly practicing these principles, that’s where great solutions like “Todoist” come in, Todoist is an online To Do List that connects to your Google Account so as well as helping keep yourself on the right track you can also help your whole team.

Set To Do Reminders such as “Do One Thing Today I wouldn’t usually” tick it off and get another reminder tomorrow. It has an App that works on both iOS and Android.


In this stage of the book Stephen Covey talks about “Beginning with the End in Mind” decide what you want to achieve, work the steps back and write them down. Now set Calendar Events in Google Calendar or iCloud Calendar to get reminders on all your devices, also though not strictly for this use HubSpot’s Sequences can help if it falls into a sales role.


One of the best Principles in the book “Think Win-Win” talks about finding ways, when dealing with the people we come in to contact with, for both parties to come out with a Win.

Products such as Evernote are great for brain storming and hashing out ideas, and as with other Tech solutions mentioned here, can be accessed across your devices, so if you’re running off to grab a train you can carry on as soon as you get to your seat.

Now we come to “Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood”, Dale Carnegie has a great Principle around this too “Try and see things honestly from the other persons point of view” This is such a powerful Principle as it will defuse most situations if emotions are running high.

Try and make a point of scheduling time to access any potential deals you’re working on, set an alarm on your smart phone to remind you to sit and think.

Continuous Improvements

Finally we come to “Sharpen the Saw” seek to constantly improve and harness your skills, evaluate yourself and your efforts.

Develop a check list with Todoist or Evernote after all client meetings, sales pitches and staff performance reviews, and critique yourself.

If you think you’d be interested in working with an IT Supplier that put importance on developing Client Relationships get in touch.