It might seem a big task to move your entire company data including all staff emails to Microsoft Office 365, and you’re busy why would you even want to?

There would have to be a great reason to undertake such an operation, well, for you and your business there probably is, Microsoft Office 365 not only allows you and your team to collaborate, grow profits and do your best work but it will also protect your business data from most emerging threats and cyber attacks. And that cannot be ignored.

We’ve been carrying out Microsoft Office 365 migrations for years now, in fact since Office 365 was released to the public.

Back then Office 365 was extremely new but the benefits were obvious to see, internet speeds were at a point where getting data over the net made sense and the obvious benefits of the whole team collaborating on data simultaneously was incredible and opened the door to superb growth in profits and teamwork among everyone in the business.

In the early days businesses like yours saw the value of having core company data in the cloud and the value of the whole team being able to collaborate in unison from whereever they find internet. From a team productivity standpoint it was revolutionary. But as time has gone on the internet has created challenges as well as opportunities. Cyber attacks are tripling quarterly and security for your business data is essential. Thankfully Microsoft Office 365 is incredibly hot on security for your business data too.

Since it’s relase to the public allowing businesses to benefit from Cloud technology, Microsoft Office 365 has grown massively in popularity and is now the default office suite, email provider and cloud data house of most of the world’s largest and IT dependant orgaisations. Plus offering the best security for your data on the market it really is a essential consideration of the tool to use for teamwork, collaboration and data security in your business.

To facilitate the migration of your business’s data to Microsoft Office 365 we’ve developed our own in-house software scripts as well as utilising some of the worlds leading Microsoft Office 365 migration software solutions to make the migration of your company data to Microsoft Office 365 seamless.

Which means that your business should expect zero or virtually zero downtime during migration, currently we have migrated over 400 businesses to Microsoft Office 365 and (touch wood) as of yet have transferred all data seamlessly and without issue, we currently carry out about 2 Microsoft 365 data migrations a month on average and would love to have a chat about helping you and your business out if you’re looking to make the switch to Microsoft Office 365 soon or if you just want to know more, we know Microsoft Office 365 can be confusing as it’s so vast in what’s on offer, so if you’d like to have a chat about the benefts of Microsoft Office 365 for your business no obligation then please get in touch.

We will sit down with you to discuss the ins and outs and first and foremost make sure that it’s the right solution for you and your business, assuming it is the logical way to go for your teams we will get an overview of all company emails and what data needs transferring along with and Sharepoint/OneDrive data so your team can collaborate and work in the Cloud whether in the office or outside working remotely.

As mentioned above Microsoft Office 365 allows your teams to collaborate on documents at the same time from the train, a plane, a boat or basically anywhere with internet.

Lastly, we will make sure that the security and auditing is deployed properly on your new Microsoft Office 365 tenant, to protect you and your team from unauthorised data access and your company information falling into the wrong hands.

Leaving you and your team with not only the best product on the market for collaborating and producing in your business for your clients and prospects but protected with the most powerful and secure collaboration and Office software on the market. Giving you and your team the best opportunity for success and rapid growth in your business.

If you’d like to sit down with a member of our team and discuss how Microsoft Offie 365 can help your business and allow you and your team to create your best work and collaborate then please get in touch and we’d love to help. Our team are extremely approachable and work hard with you and your team to build lasting relationships and success for your business’s future.