Remote working has become a massive part of our working lives in the past two years, in the United Kingdom alone, approximately 5.6 million people moved to remote working in 2020 because of the global COVID19 pandemic we have all faced in the past 2-3 years.

However, more and more people are working from home every year because fewer and fewer businesses are finding brick and mortar office space as profitable as working from home. This shows us a seismic shift in the way we work as a nation and this brings many benefits for you and your team if managed correctly.

Working from home is both good for the worker and good for the business.

–How do I manage my workers?

As an IT company we can help you manage and improve your team’s efficiency through software and IT platforms, just because the workers are not in an office doesn’t mean they cannot be managed, and it is, in fact, easier to do so. For example, using software to monitor the activity of the laptops/computers that you have set your workers up with, you can see exactly how productive your team are instead of a manager having to take the time to walk around the office to speak with employees’ individually.

In addition, setting tasks for them to do is easier, as project management and task management software it inherently slicker and more effective than “traditional methods” such as meetings and relying on memory over what was discussed off the cuff.

–Is it convenient?

Yes, very. First of all, a commute to and from the office is lost time, saving you and your colleague valuable time and a boost in morale from a redundant commute.

In addition, you and your team could work anywhere at any time of day without your team feeling micromanaged or pressured, it also saves money!

It can be very expensive per year for people to commute to work and back, some sources suggest up to £1,500-£3,300! So yes, it is convenient, very convenient.

–How else may it benefit me?

It has a plethora of business pros for you and your team, such as

-Improved productivity.
When you’re in a comfortable environment such as your own home, you’ll feel more welcomed to work.

-A more diversified team.
There will be more people with further diverse skills available for you to work with.

-Less sick days are taken.

-How else may it benefit my team?
Well, for example, it will allow your team of workers to spend more quality time their families improving work life balance, work more flexible hours, travel freely, a preferable environment and exercise regularly which will all improve their mental health and determination and passion for your teams role.

In conclusion, remote working has a lot going for it, however, it isn’t for everyone so it can depend on person and individual.

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