Our mission statement (I’m not sure about that term) our reason for existing? Is that better?

Our reason for existing in 2003 is still the same today, to work hard for our clients, build relationships, keep moving as a company, and keep innovating.

With that in mind, it hasn’t escaped our attention that cybersecurity, breaches, and attacks are massively on the increase. We’re constantly evaluating the it support services we offer and how we can best protect our clients.

We have found upon review that we need to offer a much bigger service with regards to the security of the communication methods used in our client’s businesses.

So we have introduced two new options for clients, firstly we’ve introduced “security Fridays”. Every Friday we check the logs of all our Microsoft 365 clients to see if any risky logins or login attempts have been made as well as checking for any likely breaches of their accounts. Second, we have introduced our “security pack” for clients wanting a dedicated approach to their security we will set up your Micorosft 365 Tennant with all the security measures recommended by Microsoft as well as our own experience in keeping your Tennant protected.

You might not be on Microsoft 365 for your company emails, but we would recommend you seriously consider it, for just £3.80 per user mailbox the security and auditing features available more than justify the cost to protect your business.

If you’d like to have a chat with a member of the team about any of our security offerings please give us a call on 01937 586888.