Getting into the intricacies of some technologies can be daunting, and many business leaders just want to implement the best solution and move on. We get around 6 companies a month approaching us to get robust emails set up for their businesses so they can get emails wherever they are and so their team can collaborate and produce their best work for clients and prospects. So what should you and your team be using? standard syncronised emails? Google Workspace? Microsoft 365?

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If you and your team need syncronised emails across all devices as well as amazing security features to keep your data safe then Microsoft 365 is the right solution.
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But if you’re here to get a better knowledge of what’s available lets get stuck in,

Historically emails ran on a platform called POP3 and there’s an outside chance you’re currently using this system, back when people generally had one device (a desktop typically) emails would be downloaded from the server and removed as server space was at a premium.

As server space became increased and end users (that’s you) got more devices such as mobile phones and laptops it became typical for emails to run on a platform called IMAP. In short this is syncronised emails where every device syncrosnised with the server but downloaded an offsite version of the database for reference, so if you found yourself on the train with no internet you could still read emails and queue them up to go in your outbox for when your device was next connected to the internet. In short this allowed companies to work remotely.

This was a great solution and still the most popular in use today but with recent cyber security threats and Phishing attacks is fast becoming outdated and lacks major security features. That’s where Microsoft 365 has lead the way, as well as offering syncronised emails it also offers calendars and contacts which can be shared with your team to provide much better collaboration features.

Also Microsoft 365 boosts industry leading security features such as MFA (Multi factor authentication) a code sent through to your phone so even if your password falls in to the wrong hands bad actors still cannot access your account, as well as auditing services to prevent suspicious activity, plus email rules to alert and prevent malicious activity. All unavailable on IMAP.

It might seem like we are laying it on thick with Microsoft 365 but that’s only because it’s a far superior product, there is a price increase with Microsoft 365 over IMAP and we have many many clients on IMAP but it shouldn’t be seen as more expensive as it’s worth every penny given the increase features and security.

Now in a nut shell IMAP emails will allow you and your team to work absolutely fine, collaborate and produce amazing results, but the security is down to you and your team.

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