I know that it’s easy to consider technical knowledge as the single greatest asset for any IT Engineer, but what would you say if I told you that the highest paid engineers are not the most technically gifted.

It’s a block that we come up against frequently when taking on fresh faced young Engineers, their belief structure of their worth has been built around technical prowess and knowing as much as they possibly can about IT. But let me tell you, IT will surprise you, the more you learn the more the IT Gods seem to want to put you in your place.

It’s then that “When the going gets tough, the tough get enthusiastic”

Enthusiasm is different to passion, you can be passionate but get things very wrong, it’s hard to go wrong with Enthusiasm.

I’ve seen many Technically good IT Engineer become a croppa when an IT hurdle isn’t easily overcome because they lacked the Enthusiasm to keep going and come out the other side.

We’ve built Aurora Tech Support around delivering an experience not just results, because we know that IT and your Business is moving constantly and sometimes balanced on a knife edge. IT (like many professions I expect) is like being the guy in the Circus that spins the plates. It’s ok getting a plate spinning beautifully but there’s 4 behind you that are starting to wobble.

For over 14 years we’ve perfected our craft and while sometimes a plate nearly falls we get it going again, by hook, or by crook.

That’s why we’ve grown 14 years straight and look after over 600 business clients.