OK lets address the Elephant in the room, I’m going to tell you how important the IT in your businesses is and you’re (probably) going to roll your eyes and think “of course you’d say that”

But imagine for a second that Aurora Tech Support was formed because of a passion, a belief that technology and the systems we use in our businesses can create beautiful experiences for both our companies and our clients. A Utopia that separates the Wheat from the Chaff.

The fact of the matter is that the technology utilised in our companies defines us, the experiences we deliver defines us, and the “client experience” defines us.

But here’s where the water gets muddy, as well as good systems you need good people, and you can’t have one without the other. You’ve only got to visit a supermarket now to see self-checkouts, but try buying some knives or Bubbly and you need “approval”. I’m forever seeking approval so this lends itself to me ;) however.

What if the staff member takes an age to come over, or is usually the case straight over but don’t even make eye contact as they swipe the card to “approve” you / your purchase. Ergh!

As much as we LOVE I.T. and all things Tech, I grew up around the teachings of Dale Carnegie and Dale Carnegie Training Courses.

We know, live, and breath people skills, leadership techniques, fantastic clients journeys and customer service. It’s all we know, we’ve been programmed with it.

In fact I’d taken the Dale Carnegie Course 4 times by the age of 25 and I’ve now done it 6 times. That top up of leadership skills and human relation skills is imperative to delivering your values to your clients. And that’s why you need an I.T. supplier that gets you, gets it and gets I.T.

Just shut your eyes for a minute and visualise your Professional Utopia. Then pick up the phone.