In our sales meetings with potential clients, the most common thing we hear is that the current I.T. provider is too slow to respond to issues or doesn’t respond at all.

Obviously this is absolutely unbelievable to us when you have a contract with someone for I.T. support services but parking that for one second, it’s understandable to wonder if the grass is any greener on the other side? And we are no different, I often wonder if we switched our business banking would the new provider be any better? Are they all the same?

We feel your pain and of course, it’s natural to wonder this before you seriously consider switching I.T. suppliers, so I’ll make two points.

One, it’s really quite easy to switch, all we need to do is sit down and run through all your it support services and where they are housed and who they are with and we can do all the donkey work. We’ve done it so many times in our 16 years we could almost do it blindfolded, we’ve done it with months to prepare and we’ve done it with hours on the clock. We’d prefer months but we can be extremely flexible if required :)

We will come up with a plan of attack and downtime if not zero will be close to zero (and we’ve aim for out of office hours too).

Two, we will make guarantees around service and support, so you know that the switch will be for the better, we can provide referrals and case studies to put your mind at ease, we really are all about customer service, and we’d like to show you how we’ve built Aurora Tech Support into one of the most successful and well know I.T. support suppliers in Yorkshire (and beyond).

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